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If you have lost your copy of the instructions, you may find a digital version here.


We invented this product for our own children and, after having the experience of using clip-in pedals while biking ourselves, we decided that we would never want our children strapped to a bicycle in the event of an accident.


We do not strap ourselves onto a bicycle, and when we have used clip-in pedals and have been unable to unclip, we have been injured.


We do wear helmets and recommend that your child wear a helmet.


It is possible that buckling or strapping your child into a bike seat at this age (approx. 2-5 years old) gives you, the adult, a false sense of security. Knowing that your child is not strapped in can cause you to drive your bike more safely with your child in tow.


The front-mount positioning of TYKETOTER is the safest place for a seat attached to a bike- the center of gravity is close to your own and makes it much easier to handle your bike than a behind-the seat rider or a bike trailer. It is lightweight, so you can hardly tell you have the extra load.


TYKETOTER places your child right between your arms, where you can interact and be aware of their safety and security during your entire ride.


Customers, especially pay attention to how you install the foot peg and the rubber shims associated with it.


The rubber shims are what make the foot peg stay in place by creating enough friction with the metal down tube. The sticky side peels and sticks to the concave underside of the foot peg, while the rubber side touches as much area as possible of your down tube.


If your down tube is odd-shaped, you may need to cut up one of the rubber shims into pieces so that you can stack the pieces where needed to get as much friction as possible.


You can order extra shims here if needed for your convenience.


When the foot peg is installed properly, it will not move and can hold the weight of the toddler while standing up. Please tighten the Velcro to ensure this type of fit.


If you are a customer, please read the instructions which came with your TYKETOTER carefully. This will help you have the most safe experience with your TYKETOTER child bike seat.