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Will it fit my bike?

Does it work with folding bikes?

Will it work with my seatpost?

Age recommendation    

What is included in my purchase?

How do I mount the footpeg with brake cables?


What is TYKETOTER made of?

Can I purchase extra parts?

Instructions & Warranty    

What ages are recommended for the TYKETOTER?

Recommended for ages 2-5 years old.  Ultimately, it is the parent's responsibility to decide when the child is old enough and capable of using the seat and also when the child is too big. 

When I purchase TYKETOTER, does it come with the Foot Peg?

 Yes! TYKETOTER comes with its accessory foot peg, the rubber shims and all hardware necessary to be riding in less than 10 minutes after opening the box.

Some customers prefer to order an extra foot peg if they plan to be switching TYKETOTER from bike to bike often and want to avoid moving the foot peg each time as well. Extra parts are available for purchase in our Store.

How do I mount the foot peg if my down-tube has brake cables routed on it?

Please see instructions on how to adjust the Velcro straps on the foot peg to make this easier.

What size and type of seat posts will work with the TYKETOTER?

The clamp is designed to work with all standard seat posts between 1.0 inches. (27.2mm) and 1.25 inches (32mm) diameter. Posts of other shapes are not supported. Will NOT work with suspension seat posts.

We do not recommend this seat with most folding bikes because of the length of the seat post and because most folding bikes have a seat post that is too big for the clamp mechanism.

Carbon seat posts may be used only with a metal post shim.  Keep in mind that the final diameter including the shim must be less than 1.25 inches (32mm).  A good place to find this type of shim is

Will all bicycle types work with the TYKETOTER?

While bicycles come in many designs, shapes and sizes, TYKETOTER usually works with any standard bicycle, both women's and men's styles, road and mountain climbing. If in question, please visit our "Will It Fit?" page here to take measurements of your particular bicycle. It works with some hybrids and some folding bikes, and not on others (see below). If you want to use the footpeg, which isn't necessary, the bicycle must have a standard down-tube on which to mount the foot-peg. 

Safety First

What safety standard does the TYKETOTER meet?

Currently, there are no safety standards for Front-Mounted seats.  However, TYKETOTER meets most standards set for rear-mounted carriers established by ASTM. Safety matters to us. Please refer to our Safety First ideas.

Why is the TYKETOTER safer than other child bicycle seats?

If an accident occurs it is imperative that you and the child be able to respond quickly to the situation. With the child in front of you, it is much easier to observe and assist them in preventing or during an accident.  The child can easily be removed by the parent at any time.  Other seats lock the child in so that they are helpless to prevent injury or be quickly removed from the bike. That said, bicycle riding poses inherent risks and the user assumes all responsibilities, risks and liability for use or misuse of the TYKETOTER.  No seat can prevent injury or accident.

Does the TYKETOTER have a harness?

No. The design intent is to give the child an interactive experience with riding bikes.  This cannot be realized as fully with a harness.  Most customers agree that you and the child are very safe and secure with them in front of you and between your arms.

Can I get extra parts for the TYKETOTER?

Yes. While TYKETOTER comes with the foot peg and everything you need to be riding within 5-10 minutes, any part can be ordered separately for the TYKETOTER online.  If there is something that is not listed on the website, please email us or text us 801.885.3292.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns on unused product within 30 days of receipt. All returns are charged a standard 10% re-stocking fee. Any parts found damaged or scarred from use are charged a $5 fee per part. Return shipping and handling is your responsibility.

Return address:

558 N 950 E
Orem, UT 84097


What is your warranty?

Lifetime Warranty. Detailed warranty information may be viewed here.

If you have parts that you need warrantied, please text us at 801-885-3292 for a special warranty coupon code, then click here to order your free replacement part.

Will the TYKETOTER fit my Folding bike?

Because of the length of the seat tube, folding bike manufacturers often use a larger (34.9mm) seat post to be able to sustain increased stress on the tube.

Check the diameter of the seat post on your bike.  In order for it to work, the seat post must be no larger than 1.25" (32mm) diameter. It cannot be a suspension seat post.

Some folding bikes may not have a good place to install the foot peg. TYKETOTER may be used without the foot peg in these situations. 


Foot Peg Slipping: The foot peg is very solid when the physical law of friction is applied using the rubber shims. Two are provided. If your foot peg is slipping, use both rubber shims, cutting up one into smaller pieces if needed, to fill in any gaps and create more friction between the down tube and the foot peg. If the two provided are not enough, please shoot us an email, and we will send you out extras. Pull the Velcro tight. Installed properly, the foot peg will be extremely solid.

Child bike seat swaying from side to side on seat post: Do you have missing hardware (washer)? Are you using the washer in the correct position? Is your hardware installed backwards? It only fits and works properly one way and there is only one correct positioning for the washer. If installed in the opposing direction, or with the washer in the incorrect position, it will not tighten properly. If installed correctly on a standard size seat post (between 1 and 1.25 in. diameter) it will tighten with no swaying.

 Still having trouble?

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