Child Bike Seat


Interactive - Front mount design puts the child in the center of all the action.

Safe - Driver can see the child & the road; central location results in better handling.

Simple - Quick-release installation & removal; easy to store and pack, lightweight.

Universal Fit - Every bike has a seat post- clamp fits all standard seat posts


  • Recommended for children ages 2-5
  • Accommodates children as they grow
  • Packs compactly for your next vacation
  • Great for city bike-shares or vacation bike rentals
  • No weight limit - if the child fits, they will not weigh too much


Tyke Toter gives your toddler her own handlebars and foot rest, nestled securely between your arms and set in a central, well-balanced location. You experience easy bicycle handling and the most interactive bike ride you’ll ever have with her. You'll hear her say over and over:

"Let's go again!"