The why behind Tyke Toter: Our Story



As a young father, Jess frequently took his 2 oldest kids on bike rides.  They would ride their own bikes and master the skills needed to navigate the community.  When his two-year-old figured out what he was missing, he wanted to come too, but he had no way to bring him along.  His toddler was left home crying in his mother's arms until the family would return.  

Soon after, Jess assembled a make-shift seat that clamped on to the seat post and provided a small set of handlebars for him to hold on.  It was an instant success.  He could now ride along on all the family bike rides!  The seat became known affectionately as the "Toter."

This prototype worked so well, he continued using it for all his kids.

"My favorite part is that they are right there in front of me where I can talk and interact with them.  It is also very easy to install and remove.  In 30 seconds I can go from hard-core mountain biking to a family bike ride with no hardware left behind.

"The Toter went everywhere our bike went.  We took it on our camping trips and road trips, to Grandma's house, etc.  We almost never left on a trip without it.  Many saw me out and about "toting" my Tykes around and were always staring and asking questions about the seat and wondering where they could get one.  As this continued, I started formulating a business plan that would enable everyone to have one of these Tyke Toters, and where I could still keep my day job."

Kids love every minute of it.  It has become the most coveted seat on our family bike rides.

We hope you enjoy yours as much as we do!


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Tyke Toter is a family owned and operated business. We manufacture and assemble each Tyke Toter by hand as a family and with the help of two local businesses.

See how the production process works! Proudly made in the USA.