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  • No weight limit- recommended for kids ages 2-5+
  • Interactive and Fun - puts the child up front in the middle of all the action.
  • Simple and Easy - Front-mounted seat means easy handling; quick installation and removable.
  • Convenient- Packs and stores well; lightweight, compact.
  • No tools needed, no hardware left on bike- on and off in less than a minute
  • Universal attachment - every standard bike has a seat post, clamp fits standard 1.25 in. (32 mm) diameter.

Included: (1)Tyke Toter, (1) Footpeg, all necessary hardware.

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  • 5

    Posted by Vanessa on 16th Feb 2017

    I use this product everyday because where we live, we ride bikes to go everywhere except the grocery store. I have two now (one on my bike and one on grandma's), and we couldn't be happier. We have always determined child in the front is best for safety and entertainment, and this is so minimal and perfectly comfortable. I have a very petite 3 year old, and she had been using this since about 2 1/2. She loves it, and the safety factor is increased since there's no harnesses. Safety reports always show that in the event of a bicycle accident, one needs to be able to fall away from the bike. If we were crashing, she could fall to the side or best case I can grab her protectively. She would not be trapped on a tangled metal bicycle mess to be injured more severely. My friend just bought one for her kid after seeing mine, and loves it!!!

  • 5
    Very happy

    Posted by Cesar Murcia on 27th Sep 2016

    Very happy. thanks

  • 5
    Some Issues for Short Adults, Still Worth It to Me

    Posted by Mark on 5th Sep 2016

    Great product — works as advertised.

    I am a male who is a little over 5" 2', so I was concerned about whether there would be enough room for me to see / pedal / clamp the device to my seat. None of these has been a major problem, although I need to adjust my pedaling a bit (I point my knees slightly more outward than usual, but not so much that it is uncomfortable/problematic). I had just barely enough room to clamp the device to the seat post on my Trek — but did have enough. I use one of the (included and otherwise not needed) adjustment pads between the curved part of the device and my bike frame to keep the Tyke Toter from rubbing against the frame. (I don't use the adhesive, the device is such a tight fit due to my height that it stays in place between the Tyke Toter and the frame.) I live in a mountainous area, and going up hills with my (~40 lb.) tyke is a challenge, but probably not very different in difficulty to having a child on the back of the bike. I haven't used that type of seat, so I'm not sure. The hardest part for me, especially being short, is to get off of the bike without tilting it so much that my little guy is startled or at much of an angle. However, this, and all of the above, have not been too much of an adjustment to justify the purchase.

    The upsides that others have mentioned make the Tyke Toter really great — my son loves, loves, loves riding this way (he does fine hanging on and this is easy to assist with/monitor); we get a lot of grins and waves from people we pass who think that this is a really cool way to ride with your kid; it is getting him used to the sensation and joy of cycling; the device is easy to reattach/remove; costs less and is less bulky than a big plastic seat. My son and I have really bonded over our rides together. For me, all of this makes the Tyke Toter worth the small trade-offs mentioned above.

  • 4
    Great Product

    Posted by Sudheendra Rao on 20th Jul 2016

    Bought it after a lot of deliberation. I wanted an easy to use, detach-attach, kid friendly seat. I find this product absolutely amazing. Back in India, having a kid seat on top tube is very common. However, I find Tyketoter complement that on mens bike and is probably the only good option for a female bike. Kid needs to be good at motor skills, grabbing handles, maintaining posture, so a no-no for kids less than 3 years (go for those eloborate seats).
    My daughter is absolutely delighted with this product, makes her feel the air as we speed up carefully. No problem with leg rest as of now. I found a small bolt that fits the brake cables to the down tube. This is well placed. I put one strap of the leg rest above that nail and one below. However, I am unable to stop a sideways swing of the leg rest (yup, only with force), but thats OK since it does not potentially let her leg get into problematic positions.
    Only issue is sideways swing (minor) of the tyketoter since it is not totally possible to close the clamp under tight conditions, one has to loosen it a bit and then clamp. The mechanism for clamping can be improvised.
    Overall, very happy, I hope improved versions come along.

  • 5
    Our little guy LOVES it!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2016

    I was apprehensive at first that our 2 year old would actually hold on to this, but oh my goodness from the first ride he has LOVED his "little orange bike" and never lets go! In one month we've already logged over 70 miles on it and he's always asking to ride farther. Definitely one of the best purchases we've made for him - love it.

  • 5
    There is no alternative to this seat!

    Posted by Tess on 22nd May 2016

    I would be so sad without this seat---we love biking to the local park/neighbor's house/anywhere.
    Have you ever used one of those bike trailers? Awful!!

    If someone stole my bike and tyke toter today, I would buy a replacement in a heartbeat.

  • 4
    Great Product

    Posted by Shawna MacAusland on 13th May 2016

    This kids bike seat works great for my three year old. She loves it and seems secure while she's holding on. Unfortunately it didn't fit my bike :( the seat post was too narrow to clamp onto. We put the Tyke Toter on my boyfriend's bike and it fits perfectly. She doesn't have much leg room, but we will be able to adjust it once we remove the water bottle holder on the bike. The foam on the seat didn't seem glued on well, or very comfortable, but our daughter hasn't mentioned it being uncomfortable.


  • 4
    Great Product My son Loves it.

    Posted by Erick Millet on 20th Apr 2016

    This is a great product, and my son loves it, I feel safe with him riding with me, but the one issue i have, is that it takes some time to switch between bikes, I am not exactly sure what to do with the pads I was given, so they go on the bike? or the foot gismo? Also the seat will not fit on my bike as my seat post is too wide, as I have an upper end bike, disappointing as it says it fits all bikes, also I am not sure I would want it on my bike, as I feel it scratches, and beat's up any bike it is on. Bot the seat clamp, and the foot rest scratched the bike I had it on. But other than that I really like the product, I just wish they would fix these few issues.

    Tyke Toter comment: Thank you for your feedback! If the "pads" referred to here are the rubber shims, they go with and MUST be used with the foot peg to secure it properly and safely. Seatposts must be under 1.25" diameter for our product to work. We have made every effort to clearly state specifications on both Amazon.com and on our website. The included instructions are very clear about for what the rubber shims are to be used, and how to properly install them. We supply no other "pads" so we assume this is to what you are referencing. Our product is also meant for mounting on a standard aluminum seatpost, never on carbon or titanium, nor on a suspension seatpost. We have never had our product scratch up our aluminum posts, but if you still want to use Tyke Toter on a carbon or titanium frame, we recommend purchasing a sleeve from www.problemsolvers.com to protect the post.

  • 5
    Best Toddler Seat

    Posted by Kristine on 7th Apr 2016

    This works great for my 3y.o.! I thought it would be top heavy but not at all. Also rider's view not obstructed even with child''s helmet on.