Tyke Toter- the bike seat for kids. Includes Foot Peg and all accessories.

Some customers want to order an additional Foot Peg if they will be switching Tyke Toter between two bikes periodically. You may order an additional Foot Peg by clicking here.



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Simple, Safe, Fun

Carl on 6th Aug 2017

We decided to take our bikes on a road trip to the Canadian maritimes, my 3.5 yr old isn't riding a 2 wheeler yet and I did not have room for the bike trailer. I bought the Tyke Toter, received it in less than a week, installed it in under 5 min and now my 3 yr old begs to go for a bike ride. I feel that it is very safe and I have never felt like he was going to fall off, not even when going on rough trails, he just hangs on for the ride. Great product that gets lots of interest from others. Our longest ride to date has been well over 2 hrs and he is quite comfortable.

Great with a few mods!

30th Jun 2017

This seat is really fantastic. It's light, easy to install, and it's nice to have my daughter right in front of me. We don't have to spend our whole ride yelling "what did you say?" anymore! I added a piece of foam pipe insulation around the section between the seat and handlebars. Just tied it on with zap straps. I did this because on our first ride, my daughter got crotched when we hit a bump. I will also be adding plastic toe cages to the foot pegs so that her feet are less likely to dangle and get caught in the spokes of my front wheel. I'm just waiting for my order of Sugru to glue the toe cages on.

The simpler, the better

27th Jun 2017

It works well also on my folding bikes ;o)))

Loves it!

Robyn C on 14th Jun 2017

My 2.5 yo loves being up front on Mama's bike and going faster than her friends on their push bikes :) We initially put it on my husband's hybrid bike, but had to push his seat way up high to fit the Tyke toter. We moved it to mine, and it fit better.

My Daughter Loves It!

JP on 14th Jun 2017

Just got my TykeToker. Was easy to install. The build quality is super! I'm extremely happy with it. My daughter now loves to ride on "daddy's big bike". What a great experience to ride with her.

Love it!

5th Jun 2017

My 3.5 year old son and I love the Tyke Toter. We have taken it out almost everyday and it is great, easy to use, and quick to mount onto the bike and remove when we're not using it. The bike is stable with his weight in the centre of the bike, and we both feel safe with him in front of me and nestled in my arms. I like that I can still use my bike panniers on my rear bike rack when we are out and about too. Love this product!

Great product

30th May 2017

We couldn't be happier with the Tyke Totter, and this purchase is actually our second purchase of the product for our second bike. Our kids have been riding safely on these since they were 2 years, and the product is secure and safe. I'd highly recommend for anyone who wants an alternative to a big / clunky bike seat that mounts to the rear of your bicycle.


Corrina McFarlane on 14th Mar 2017

‚ÄčTotally stoked with my Tyke Toter. I am happily ferrying a 3 year old and a 2 year old (alternately!), and each fit exquisitely encircled in my arms. They LOVE being up front. This little seat was the solution since I I'm a bicycle courier daily cycling a back crate full of packages to the post office and it was too hard to keep switching between kid seat and package crate. It also meant I couldn't take both kid and packages of course. One thing I did do, almost as soon as we were using the Tyke Toter, was fit a front mudguard to my bicycle (SKS Equipment Shockboard brand works perfectly for me), just as an extra precaution since that spinning front wheel can be somewhat hypnotic/attractive to little people's eyes, they sitting in such close proximity. Highly recommend Tyke Toter.Totally delighted.