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Tyke Toter- the bike seat for kids. Includes Foot Peg and all accessories.


Most bike seat attachments are meant for babies. Tyke Toter is truly designed to be a kids' bike seat meant for, well, kids.

Recommended for children ages 2-5 years old ,Tyke Toter takes over where other front mount kid bike seats leave off.

Your kid can now hang on by himself, balance, and wants to ride a bike like you! As he grows and even learns to ride his own bike, he will still need to ride with you on long family bike rides. Tyke Toter is adjustable as your kid grows, and is the most interactive and fun way for you both to enjoy every ride!


While Tyke Toter will be your kid’s favorite bike seat, we have also made it convenient for you to take him along-

  • attaches in less than a minute with no tools or hardware
  • quick-release design is intuitive and simple; perfect for both the novice and experienced bike rider
  • can easily be switched between different bikes so both mom and dad, or even grandma and grandpa can use it
  • compact and very easy to pack away for vacations and day trips
  • puts your child right in front of you, nestled between your arms, with their own foot-pegs and fixed handlebars- central location means easy handling
  • Lifetime Warranty on quality and workmanship. Made proudly in the USA.



Will it fit my bike?

Is it safe?



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LIFETIME WARRANTY We stand behind our product. If your Tyke Toter fails because of a defect in material quality or in the quality of the workmanship, we will repair or replace the defective parts. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or any damage, failure, or loss that is caused by improper assembly, maintenance, adjustment, storage, or use of the Tyke Toter. This Warranty extends only to the original consumer and is non-transferable. This Warranty will be void if the Tyke Toter is ever used in a manner other than for recreation or transportation, modified in any way, rented, sold or used in a manner contrary to the instructions and warnings. For warranty inquiries, please contact us at help@tyketoter.com or use the contact us tab on this website. We will be happy to assist you! Please include the following information: 1) Order number/name on the order/approximate purchase date 2) Photos of the damage 3) Parts that need to be replaced. Some repairs can be easily made by the customer. We will assess the damage and send parts and instructions on how to fix it, or request you send the product to us for repair. Please answer any follow-up questions as best you can. There is no charge for warranty parts, repair or replacement if it is determined that your Tyke Toter is covered under warranty. However, shipping charges are your responsibility.
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Needs one more adjustment point or a 2nd model at an angle to fit all bikes

Juan on 29th Oct 2018

I knew this might be an issue before buying but I still liked the sturdy look and simplicity of the design and mount so I decided to give it a try. If you have a bike with a top tube at an angle, meaning your top tube runs at a downward angle from the head tube towards the seat tube, you will have to raise the seat high enough so the TykeToter doesn't touch the top tube. This is designed for men mountain bikes with a very horizontal top tube. The problem with raising the seat is that you might not reach the ground when you need to stop or rifde at low speeds and might be an issue. I'll personally have to use it only on my bike because for my wife's bike raising the seat presents the problem I mentioned. You can see what I mean on on the scrolling pictures from their site. There's a women's grey bicycle where they had to raise the seat way up in order for the seat to fit. Comment from Tyke Toter: Thank you Juan, many people actually ride their bicycle with the seat too low for proper pedaling because they like their feet flat on the ground when they stop. However, raising the seat up to where the tip-toes barely reach the ground provides better pedaling posture. In most cases where the seat may need to be raised slightly, there is a learning curve to get used to to relying more on the brakes and not so much on putting the feet down flat when stopping. After a few rides, it is not a problem.

Am so tired!!

Jake on 8th Oct 2018

Gday, the seat took longer to receive probably due to the local Post Office where I am, totally incompetent. From out of the box I had the seat on in minutes and was zipping down the road with my 5yr old daughter. She was laughing, squealling and saying 'hello' to everyone we passed. We love the seat so much she wont let me drive her to school, I have to ride her to school on the bike. A short little 4 kilometres one way, but it gives us both a lot of fun. I have not been riding for several years with my carbon fibre mountain bike gathering dust in the shed. Now the truck is gathering dust and I am losing weight. So that's great as well. The biggest problem with the seat is when I get back from dropping off my little monkey, my 3 yr old son is at the door ready to go for a ride and won't take no for an answer. So I have to turn around and get pedaling. He loves it well. He sings and tells me 'faster daddy faster'. I am concerned we may get booked for speeding when going down hill. I highly recommend the seat to anyone wanting to spend some great hours and rides with their kids or nieces and nephews. It's very strong, quick to put on or remove, looks well built and should have a colour option other than orange to personalise it a bit.. Fork out the money and get a Tyke Toter I guarantee you will not be sorry. (I did review all other seats available and went with quality and build design and not by price.

The best purchase I've made

Kristin Wetter on 31st Jul 2018

I absolutely love this seat!! My toddler actually begs us to ride. It is very secure and fits all 6 of the bikes in the garage. We can even trail ride with this set up. For an active family, this has been a game changer for us. Everyone that sees us comments and asks about it.

Does not stay securely to bike!

rebecca martin on 1st Jul 2018

I tried tightening this to my seat post over and over again. To the point where I had deep red marks in my palms from pushing the lever down. I thought I had it secure until I took a turn and the bike became unbalanced so I had to throw one leg down and sort of catch the whole bike before it fell over. The tyke toter (and my child) swung sideways (despite being tightened as much as humanly possibly - and correctly), further unbalancing the bike. My kid's fingers were mashed between my handlebars and the toter handlebars and my wrist was wrenched from holding up a crazily unbalanced bike but thankfully neither of us were seriously hurt. I think this is an awesome idea for a child bike seat and it seems like it works well on some bikes. I don't know why mine isn't one of the bikes it would work on but the result was unwieldy and not at all secure. Tyke Toter: We have reached out to this customer to solve this issue. We have had 100% success rate in fixing such and related issues by reaching out and figuring out what is going wrong. Usually the hardware is not in the correct placement (backwards or wrong order). There is also a correct way to tighten the lever and with a little coaching, we have always been able to get the Tyke Toter very secure. It shouldn't hurt the customer's hand to tighten the lever, either. We appreciate the chance to help!

Good product, not for Brompton riders

Elizabeth on 30th Jun 2018

Purchased for my Brompton folding bike having seen some pictures online of the setup. But the quick release mechanism is too small. The seat swung from side to side and frightened my son on dismount, and his weight swinging dented the seatpost. Subsequent attempt to tighten the quick release also dented the post! So, a max size seatpost would be helpful! New seat posts are not very expensive but still. The Toter worked great on my husband's conventional bike. Tyke Toter: We make it clear on our website the Tyke Toter is not meant to be used on folding bikes. The seat post is too large and long. Tyke Toter will place too much torque on the seatpost to be safely used. It is meant for standard bicycles and we are glad to know it worked as it should.

Just what I was looking for !

Apratim Shaw on 29th May 2018

This product is pre-tty expensive compared to the alternatives, but it is totally worth it. 1. The seat and handle do not get in the way. They fit in seamlessly with the rest of the bike. 2. The foot rest is hard to install correctly. However, once I got it installed correctly, it made a huge difference to the baby's experience. 3. The price is on the higher side. I wish there were competing products that could force the price to a reasonable range. The product quality is good and it is hard to complain.

Simply the best child seat for daily commute.

Andriy on 2nd Apr 2018

Fantastic product, works like a charm since day-1. Kid loves it and is motivated to ride it every time. Spreads his arms in the air and imagines he's flying. The parents are also happy: the seat weighs nothing, is sturdily built, and is easily removed after child delivery to school. I wish you had a dealer in Europe! I would give it 5 stars out of 6 (if it was an option), but a couple of modifications had to be done in my case, so I just leave it at 5: 1) the rubber handle grips were slided off by my child (in cold weather) so I had to glue them on to the tubes. A potentially dangerous feature. 2) the lower tube of my bike's frame is not of a circular cross-section (elliptic), so the foot peg does not sit tight regardless of the shims' thickness. Needs a custom adaptation. But this is minor stuff. I recommend the seat

3 year old loves it. I love it.

23rd Aug 2017

I never leave reviews, but the Tyke Toter is awesome. I ride my 3 year old to preschool every morning and she has a blast. A huge additional benefit is getting her out of the house in the morning is way easier now because she looks forward to the ride so much. After dropping her off I can quickly remove the seat for the rest of my commute. Overall, great product. Highly recommend.