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Returns Policy

We accept returns on unused product within 30 days of reciept in NEW condition.  Shipping charges are your responsibility. Shipping and handling will not be refunded.

All returns are charged a $10 re-stocking fee and will be inspected for their condition. A $5 fee EACH will be assessed for: returns exceeding the 30-day grace period, opened or used product, improper packaging (see photo/instructions below), chipped/dented clamp wings and/or scratched/damaged seat pads/handle grips. You will always be refunded the greatest possible amount in accordance with these policies.

Please package your return as shown in the photo below in order to protect your shipment and receive the greatest possible refund:

-Handlebars on the bottom left.

-Foot-peg under smaller insert to the right.

-Clamp wings resting on smaller insert to the right.


Using the courier of your choice, send to:

Tyke Toter
558 N 950 E
Orem, UT 84097


Shipping Info

We ship worldwide. We currently charge a flat-rate shipping charge of $38.50 USD for all international Tyke Toter orders. Accessory orders are calculated at checkout before you pay.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please be advised: you may have duties, taxes and/or custom fees charged upon delivery. These fees vary from country to country. As the recipient, you become the "IMPORTER," and as such, you are responsible for paying these fees. If you refuse to pay them upon delivery, your package will be returned to us. Upon receipt, we will refund your product (minus shipping fees for both ways- keep in mind it actually costs us about $60 USD for shipping). 

For more information, we strongly advise you to check with your country's Customs about its import policies or visit the link below to calculate the fees for which you may become responsible. Once your shipment has arrived in your country, it is turned over to your local government postal service and contacting them directly may be necessary.

IMPORT DUTY/FEE calculator


We usually handle all orders within 24 hours. If the item is not in stock, you will be informed on the product page.


A tracking number will follow by email soon after you have placed your order. Overseas shipments will be sent via USPS or DHL and can be tracked at USPS.com or DHL.com, respectively. Tyke Toter tries to respect the delivery date shown. However, we are not responsible for orders delayed by Customs and Taxes. While customs does, on occasion, delay delivery for up to several weeks, we have never had an item get lost, so please be patient. We unfortunately have no control over the parcel once it reaches your country.


 Expected International delivery dates:

Priority: between 6-10 days estimated. (It will arrive at your country's customs by this time)

Express: 3-5 days guaranteed. (It will arrive at your country's customs by this time)

Warrantied replacement parts sent internationally will be charged a minimum of $10 handling fee, depending on the part(s).


Having trouble with your Tyke Toter?

Foot Peg Slipping: The foot peg is very solid when the physical law of friction is applied using the rubber shims. Two are provided. If your foot peg is slipping, use both rubber shims, cutting up one into smaller pieces if needed, to fill in any gaps and create more friction between the down tube and the foot peg. If the two provided are not enough, please shoot us an email help@tyketoter.com, and we will send you out extras. Pull the Velcro tight. Installed properly, the foot peg will be extremely solid.

Child bike seat swaying from side to side on seat post: Do you have missing hardware (washer)? Are you using the washer in the correct position? Is your hardware installed backwards? It only fits and works properly one way and there is only one correct positioning for the washer. If installed in the opposing direction, or with the washer in the incorrect position, it will not tighten properly. If installed correctly on a standard size seat post (between 1 and 1.25 in. diameter) it will tighten with no swaying.

One of the orange clamp wings on
Tyke Toter kid's bike seat has a hole in it. The other has a notch. Tyke Toter comes with the hardware installed correctly, but once removed, it may be inadvertently inserted backward and will then not tighten correctly. Starting from between the two orange wings, the bolt's end goes out through the wing with the hole in it, and the nut twists on to the bolt end on the outer side of the wing with the hole in it. It is now ready to be placed around the seat post. The washer and lever side of the bolt can then wrap around the seat post and slide through the wing with the notch in it.

Always tighten
Tyke Toter child bike seat's wings around the seat post by twisting the nut. The lever should be held open and steady as the nut is twisted (righty tighty) to tighten the wings around the seat post. When it is tightened, the lever is then used to clamp the tightened nut into place. Clamp down the lever so it points forward or backward, never up or down. The result is  a very tight and solid fit.

Still having trouble?

Send an email help@tyketoter.com or text/give us a call 801-885-3292 and we will do our best to help you.