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Because TykeToter is such a great idea, and our customers absolutely love theirs, we often receive many and repeated offers from them hoping they can become a distributor for us or retail our product.

TykeToter is offered direct to our customers online at a wholesale price. The modern miracle of eCommerce has made this possible world-wide. Our business model was set-up in this way from its inception. Because of our direct-to-customer already-low price, most retailers do not find it cost-effective to carry our product in their stores (although they can make a margin, it often isn't large enough for their liking).

If you are a retailer, and are still interested in re-selling Tyke Toter, we do offer a discount with a reasonable minimum order. Please email us directly at help@tyketoter.com to discuss pricing and current availability. The amount of the discount will depend on your minimum order and whether or not you want them individually boxed.

We also appreciate and delight in our customers' enthusiasm over TykeToter, so we offer a referral program.