The Why 

Safety First




Tyke Toter uses this unique quick-release mechanism to attach to your bike's seat post. You turn the nut just enough so that when you pull the lever tight, it is a sturdy fit and on and off in less than a minute!


Tyke Toter doesn't need tools to install, and it doesn't leave any hardware on your bike. The foot peg is attached to your down-tube using rubber shims for friction and Velcro straps for tightening.


Both the foot peg and the Tyke Toter can be installed higher up or lower on your seat post and down tube to fit your child's size and your comfort. Tyke Toter needs 2 inches of room on your seat post.

Below is a picture sent to us by one of our customers. You can see how she has room to move the Tyke Toter higher on her seat post and the foot peg lower on her down tube as her child grows.