Appropriate Age/ Kids Bike Seat

Tyke Toter- the “kids bike seat.”

At what age will your child be able to ride his own bike alongside you? Some kids can ride their own bike as early as 3-4 years old while others will learn later, around age 7-8. But even if your child can ride her own bike at a very young age, she will still need to ride with you on longer more strenuous rides.


Most kid bike seats are designed with babies in mind. But what do you do with your child when he is too big for a typical kid bike seat but still cannot ride his own bike?

Tyke Toter takes it to the next level so that it starts working during that toddler stage and grows with them until they are old enough and big enough to ride alongside you. 

Your child is getting bigger; he can hold on to his own handlebars, balance and wants to ride a big bike like you. Give him the thrill of his life every time he rides along with you on his Tyke Toter.

This kids bike seat makes for an extremely interactive experience for both kids and their parents. Once you- and they- try it out, you will agree that this is no typical bike seat for kids.

Best of all, Tyke Toter is so easy to use! Its unique quick-release attachment allows for a quick install/uninstall in less than a minute and is super simple and intuitive even for the novice bike rider.

It fits most standard bike frames whether road bike, mountain bike, beach cruiser, or hybrid- both women’s or men’s style, and each unit is hand-made and assembled in the USA.