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CURRENT COUPON CODE: none at this time


Referral Program:

1) Email us: help@tyketoter.com and let us know you'd like to refer others. Send your PayPal information in the email so we can pay you for your referrals.

2) We will then use your first name (or similar) as a coupon code that will give the referred customer $5 off their first purchase and earn YOU $5.

3) We will check referrals monthly and PayPal you your earned referral money.


Demo or 2nd Purchase

Occasionally, we use a Tyke Toter for demonstrations. These are like-new, minimally-worn Tyke Toters that we are happy to sell to you at a 10% discount. Enter in the coupon code DEMO at checkout, and if we have one available, you will see a 10% discount. If there is not one available, the code will not work.


We occasionally have new Tyke Toters that have a small defect, such as a scratch or dent in the paint job. This defect will not affect safety or use of the product and it is under the same warranty as a new one. These we also sell at a 10% discount. Enter the coupon code SECOND at checkout, and it will work if there are any available.


Other Coupon Codes

If you are purchasing 2 units, you may always use the coupon code DISCOUNT2 for $10.00 off the order total.

If you are local and would prefer to pick-up your purchase, use the coupon code PICKUP and you will get $10 off your order. Orders using this code will not be shipped out.

We offer a Military/Peace Officer discount. Please text a photo of your military ID to 801-885-3292 and request a one-use coupon code.