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The joy of the ride

The joy of the ride

Posted by Shelley Colton on 15th Jan 2019

What is it that attracts us to get on a bicycle?

I remember the first time I was able to get on my bike by myself and pedal around our cul-de-sac. I was seven years old, and I felt like I was floating in a hot air balloon or flying smoothly through the air. It was such an exhilarating experience and I wondered why I had waited so long to learn to ride by myself. It soon became a favorite past time.

On the website, this phenomenon is described well:

"We ride for fun. We ride for fitness. We ride to get from here to there, to free ourselves from the daily grind, and to make our world a better place through bikes. Sometimes we ride for no reason at all.

We ride because we love how riding a bike creates a cool breeze on a still morning and how, after a long day at work, hopping on a bike makes us feel like the day has only begun. We ride so that our kids can enjoy the simple pleasure of two-wheeled adventures around the neighborhood. We ride to make familiar places new again.

But mostly, we ride because it’s fun."

We have found that our biggest fans are the kids who get to ride on Tyke Toter. We've heard from customers whose children never want to stop and who cry at the end of the rides. We've heard of many children begging to go again and again, of siblings who can't wait for their turn.

Tyke Toter gives children this same experience of feeling the wind blow by their face, the elation of the speed and the sensation of floating or soaring. Having them between your arms gives you the chance to talk and interact with your children, to observe them enjoying the ride as much as you are. It is a bonding time and a joy to be together.

A child can hardly have this delightful experience when sitting behind their parent with nothing to feel or view but someone else's back end.

Tyke Toter is the original front mount child bike seat that needs no tools and leaves no hardware on your bike. It is the easy on/off solution for avid bikers who want to share the joy of the ride with their child. Our goal is to give you and your child the joyful experience of simpy riding a bike.