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Share the Love

Share the Love

Posted by Shelley Colton on 26th Jan 2019

This Valentines, we want to share the love by offering you a 10% discount on your Tyke Toter purchase. 

Use coupon code SHARETHELOVE now thru Valentine's Day, and let us say how much we love you.

And to further share the love, we offer today from a re-cap on why cycling makes us so happy:

"Cycling seems to possess an array of attributes that boost happiness in ways that few other sports can claim. While many other sports may possess a small handful of these attributes, it seems that cycling may be one of very few that has them all."

This article also lists several attributes of cycling that contributes to why cycling is such a happy and "share the love" kind of sport:

Riding a bike has a positive effect on both our physical and mental health. It is a social sport but also offers the chance to meditate and savor the moment. As we have these quiet experiences with a soft breeze and often stunning views, we are more likely to experience gratitude and gain perspective. Cycling gives us the chance to set and attain goals, creating a sense of accomplishment, and along with it, the opportunity to take risks and experience the sensation of building momentum. Cycling is engaging, at times causing us to lose all sense of time. It gives us the chance to use our strengths and overcome weaknesses. Riding a bike is a restorative experience, allowing us to be able to sleep better and attain the rest we need after a good ride.

One time, I rode up a dirt trail leading to a hot spring with my daughter with me on the Tyke Toter. This trail was fairly steep and somewhat technical in parts. At a particularly difficult part on the trail as I was working and breathing hard, my daughter exclaimed "I hope we get there soon, this is so hard!" Of course she only had to hold on and enjoy the ride, but her comment made me laugh so hard I couldn't even pedal, and had to jump off and walk that part of the trail. Tyke Toter allows children to experience the ride with you, even to the point that they recognize the work and the energy it takes to beat up a difficult trail. Those are some of the best memories!

Happy Valentines day from Team Tyke Toter